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Take a look at some of the latest developments happening at Lucas. In this, our News & Events section you will find a collection of recent news articles and a list of up and coming events.

Keep it fresh with Lucas!

We live in an increasingly fast-moving world and the demand for “new” from customers is relentless. Sometimes, that need can be satisfied by a clever tweak to an existing product, but now and again, it’s vital to bring in a flavour that really is something different.

Keep Your Core Strong with Lucas!

We all know the importance of keeping a strong core in our bodies for our health and wellbeing. A strong core gives better balance, good posture and promotes stability. Essentially, a strong, flexible core underpins almost every activity a person undertakes. That means it’s pretty important!

Butchers Benefit with Butchers Classic

It’s well known that people began to shop locally during the Pandemic and it’s reported that the trend looks set to continue as customers recognise the benefits of dealing with smaller, often friendlier and more knowledgeable retailers. They see that there is extra value in buying from someone who is an integral part of the community and that more often than not, they will find competitive prices and plenty of choice.

Less is More with Lucas this Christmas…

That’s LESS work for you: MORE delicious meals for your customers!

The development team at Lucas draws upon all the latest food technologies, trends and best practices to produce a huge range of ready-blended, complete mixes that are not only ready to use, they’re easy to use too…

Think Christmas Quality with Lucas…

There’s a lot of conversation in the media about eating, or not eating meat and over recent months the noise has got louder. However, out of this, the consensus seems to be that those people who wish to continue to be carnivores (of which, fortunately, there are many) will look for better quality meat that has been carefully reared, with a provenance that can be traced.

The nights are drawing in…

Well the sun’s been out for a week and we’ve all started moaning that it’s too hot! So, in order to cool things down a bit, we thought we’d turn our attention to guess what?
You guessed it… Autumn!

We’ve Got Summer Summed Up!

We know that during this year there’s been a huge increase in the sale of garden furniture, picnic baskets, barbecues and all manner of outdoor eating equipment. Whilst we’ve been stuck at home, we must all have been dreaming about being outside and now’s the time that the dreaming can at last, become a reality.

Staycation Food for the Nation!

This Summer, “Staycation” will mean different things to different people. For some it will involve actually getting away somewhere in the UK, but for many it will mean making the most of being at home and spending time with the family and friends. It’s expected that local parks and beauty spots will continue to be incredibly popular, with people choosing a lovely relaxing picnic, or al fresco home-prepared meal, rather than a potentially stressful overseas trip.

Get Ready NOW – The Barbecues Are Coming Out!

Following the recent announcement of a planned relaxing of COVID restrictions, garden centres are, apparently, running out of furniture, pots, plants, firepits and barbecues. There’s been a run on fence paint and sales of outdoor picnic ware has rocketed.

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