Think Christmas Quality with Lucas…

There’s a lot of conversation in the media about eating, or not eating meat and over recent months the noise has got louder.  However, out of this, the consensus seems to be that those people who wish to continue to be carnivores (of which, fortunately, there are many) will look for better quality meat that has been carefully reared, with a provenance that can be traced.

Arguably, this is great news for independent retail butchers, as this is the market in which you operate; selling responsibly sourced, high quality products that customers can trust and rely upon.

As a business, Lucas also fits into this space: Our ingredients and mixes echo all those important values and the relevance of the heritage of our products cannot be overestimated.  This year, we’re celebrating 95 years of supplying retail butchers and each of our manufacturing facilities adheres to rigorous quality processes and procedures that protect our customers and in turn, your customers.  It is not surprising then that so many of our products have won awards time and time again, voted for by people like you in the butchery trade. 

So, where’s the connection to Christmas?  Well, it becomes increasingly important each year for butchers to “up their game” and supply better quality meats, oven-ready meals and ingredients – especially at Christmas.  In this vein, Christmas 2021 will be more important than ever, as it will (hopefully) be the first real opportunity families will have to get together and to enjoy sharing meals together as part of their reunion celebrations. 

Butchers can confidently look to Lucas to help them retain, sustain and improve the quality of their offering at Christmas and of course, throughout the year.  Lucas sausage seasonings and mixes, cures and brines, pork pie seasonings, as well as our Lucas Kitchen oven-ready core meals, side-dishes, snacks and added value products can all play their part in giving our butchery customers the edge when it comes to providing great Christmas food

Lucas has worked with butchers for all these years – establishing our ingredients as the best available in the UK today.  However, we never stop innovating – creating new products and recipes that can transform even quality meats and meals into something more exciting and right on trend – a fact that’s particularly important if current growth is to be sustained. 

So, if you’re thinking about quality, as we believe you will be, think about Lucas too and you won’t go wrong this Christmas!

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