Pies & Pasties

When you want to add tasty bakery items to your counter, turn to Lucas for fantastic sauces, seasonings and mixes, as well as great advice on how to use them.

Our Chicken Sauce Mix provides a delicious base for lots of pie flavours (it’s especially good for chicken and veg pies) and if you want introduce something different, take a look at our Tikka Pie and Pasty Mix – great with chicken, or lamb – in pasties and pies.

Quiches are quick and easy to make with our mix for Quiche filling. You can use up trimmings, add veg or cheese in your chosen combination for a really tasty dish that’s always popular with customers.

Of course, the range wouldn’t be complete without great mixes for making pork pies and we have those as well. Our award-winning Pork Pie Seasoning, Glaze and Jel are all easy to use, as are all the products in the Lucas range.

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