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The superior perceived quality of ‘home’ cured products is widely identified by consumers and provides the butcher with a competitive advantage. To help you make the most of this opportunity we have developed our range of curing products to suit all curing methods: Amongst these you’ll find products for dry curing bacon and hams, cover pickles for the traditional curing of tongues, gammons and hams, along with pump cures for a quicker manufacturing process.

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Please note the following statement:

Cures – Changes in Legislation
As you will be aware, there have been changes in legislation arising from the directive 2006/52/EC governing the use of nitrites and nitrates in meat products.  These changes have been made in order to keep the level of nitrosamines as low as possible to control the level of nitrites and nitrates added to foodstuffs, whilst maintaining the microbiological safety of the products.

This directive 2006/52/EC was implemented by member states by 5th February 2008, with a transitional period in to the industry by 15th August 2008.

In order to comply with this new legislation, we have reformulated our cures where necessary to ensure that the levels of nitrate and nitrite conform to the new rules when used in accordance to our Product Recipes.

Please note: we have written new Product Recipes to account for the changes outlined above; it is essential that the cures are used as directed by these bulletins to ensure that they are within the legal limits permitted by the new legislation.

Kerry Ingredients (UK)
July 2008