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Choosing Ready Meals? The Pies Have It!

The trend for entertaining at home has come back to the fore in light of the current economic climate. Rather than going out for meals with family and friends, folks are choosing to stay put and prepare the food themselves.

Opportunities Are Out There – Still!

With household budgets being squeezed and times being tougher than ever, there’s no doubt that consumers are looking for any chance to get together and celebrate – even if that celebration is a bit more pared down than usual.

Christmas? Sounds Like a Plan!

As a retail butcher, you’ll know that planning is key to keeping your business strong and healthy and this year its importance is greater than ever. Having a plan will ensure that you know exactly which products you’re going to offer your customers and when, meaning you can order in the right supplies of ingredients at the right time. That will enable you to reduce waste and budget well.

Lucas – Ready for Any Event

During Summer – especially a Summer like we’re enjoying this year, it’s a tricky one to have to start thinking about Autumn, but every retail butcher knows, that’s exactly what we have to do. With the barbecue season over, butchers need to turn their thoughts to perhaps being a bit more creative and even adventurous in order to keep customers’ interest.

Lucas Butchers Classic – always “on trend”

Since its launch over a decade ago, the Lucas Butchers Classic range of complete sausage and burger mixes has gone from strength to strength. There are a number of reasons for this, but the one that’s paramount is that butchers like using them and people like eating them!

Summer Eating at its best – with Lucas

At last, the warmer weather has arrived and we dare to actually think it might be Summer! That means, of course, that it’s time to cover your counter in fabulous foods that are just right for the season. In other words, barbecue, snacking items, sharing platters and picnic foods.

Lucas Butchers Classic – Something for Everyone!

Since their original launch over 10 years ago, the products in the Butchers Classic range of sausage and burger mixes have boomed in popularity. And there’s just one reason for this: butchers and their customers really like them!

Keep it fresh with Lucas!

We live in an increasingly fast-moving world and the demand for “new” from customers is relentless. Sometimes, that need can be satisfied by a clever tweak to an existing product, but now and again, it’s vital to bring in a flavour that really is something different.

Keep Your Core Strong with Lucas!

We all know the importance of keeping a strong core in our bodies for our health and wellbeing. A strong core gives better balance, good posture and promotes stability. Essentially, a strong, flexible core underpins almost every activity a person undertakes. That means it’s pretty important!

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