Keep it fresh with Lucas!

We live in an increasingly fast-moving world and the demand for “new” from customers is relentless.  Sometimes, that need can be satisfied by a clever tweak to an existing product, but now and again, it’s vital to bring in a flavour that really is something different. 

That’s where the team at Lucas comes in.  Drawing from the insights and expertise from our sites across the world, we are able to develop products that feature new flavours, tastes and textures, underpinned by strong market knowledge.  In turn, this means that you, the retail butcher will be able to meet the demand for up-coming trends with real confidence.  You’ll be secure in knowing that you are serving new varieties of food that your customers actually want. 

Over the past year, we’ve introduced a number of key new products and we want to be sure of continuing the momentum.  To do so, we’re launching two fantastic new Butchers Classic Sausage Mixes and two brilliant EasiCoat Coaters this week!

Butchers Classic Fruity Hoisin Sausage features the fantastic flavour profile of soya sauce, aniseed, ginger and fruity notes of plum and orange.  This Oriental-inspired combination of salty, spicy, savoury and sweet has proved itself over many, many years and we know it will be a huge hit with customers.

Butchers Classic Fiery Hot Chilli Sausage brings heat, heat with a little more heat! The zing of hot red chilli pepper is combined with notes of garlic and lemon and some extra chilli flakes and herbs for good measure. This brilliant burst of flavour has gone down a storm in taste tests and we’re really confident of its success.

We’ve been steadily adding to the Lucas Easicoat range of coaters over the past few years and it’s becoming increasingly popular with butchers across the UK.  That’s largely due to the high quality of these products, their ease of use and the attractiveness of the end-result, with vibrant colours, exciting textures and visible herbs and spices featuring widely.

Now there are ten flavours to choose from, with our launch this week of Southern Fried Coater and Hot ‘n’ Spicy Coater: 

Southern Fried Coater is bursting with fennel and pepper notes, with cracked black pepper and herbs.  This classic flavour profile lends itself brilliantly to snacking and sharing meal solutions. 

Hot n Spicy Coater includes key flavours of chilli pepper, smoked paprika, garlic and onion. This gives the coater an attractive colour with chilli flakes and visible herbs adding to the overall look. A great variety of foods will be enhanced by these coaters, giving you the opportunity to add value and include more premium lines in your offering.

Maybe you’ll have time on your hands during these first few months of the year.  In which case, why not take the opportunity to get creative and experiment with these new flavours?  You might be surprised by just how exciting and fresh a few new ideas will make and certainly, you’ll stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and remaining competitive. 

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