Keep Your Core Strong with Lucas!

We all know the importance of keeping a strong core in our bodies for our health and wellbeing.  A strong core gives better balance, good posture and promotes stability.  Essentially, a strong, flexible core underpins almost every activity a person undertakes.  That means it’s pretty important!

Now you may be wondering: What on Earth this has to do with Lucas and you, the retail butcher?  Well, it’s just as important to keep a strong core of products in your business, as that core will ensure that your customer base remains stable, your trade is well-balanced and by working with Lucas, you can retain that all-important long-term flexibility.

Lucas mixes cover a very wide range of products that are vitally important to any butcher’s offering.  From Sausage Seasonings to Burger Mixes, Cures to Mash, Gravies to Sausage Mixes, Sauces to Pie Mixes, Coaters to Butters, we produce the lot.  All our mixes are of the highest quality and are utterly reliable – a major consideration in these uncertain times. 

To continue the analogy, you can comfortably choose your “backbone” products from the Lucas range.  For example, our best-selling sausage seasoning, Masterchoice, is the go-to base mix for many, many butchers across the UK. Within the Butchers Classic range of complete sausage and burger mixes, there are 20 varieties of sausage mix available at any one time, including traditional favourites and bang-on trend contemporary flavours.  Then there are the more specialist options, such as our Smokehouse sausages, burgers, coater, cure and rub, each with its own very distinctive smoky taste.  Easicure dry cures make curing bacons, hams and gammons quick and simple; Easicoat coaters are ready-blended and ready-to-use crumb coaters that feature vibrant colours and interesting textures. 

Developing a strong core can take a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, determination and commitment, but the great news is that with Lucas you don’t need any of that, as we’ve already done the work!  At every stage of our product development, we partner with retail butchers to ensure that we’re creating mixes that work incredibly well, taste wonderful and most importantly, are what butchers want and need.  This process of consultation continues from initial concept to the final work in the development kitchen and sampling stages.  Real butchers test our products in real working environments and that makes all the difference.  In fact, the products get a complete work-out before they ever hit the streets in their lycra!

All of this means that as a retail butcher, when you’re planning to refresh your core products, or you want to add to your existing base, you only need look to Lucas.  You’ll always find an excellent selection of mixes that are useful for every aspect of your offering.  Your customers will be happy and you’ll be able to focus on other parts of your business.

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