Less is More with Lucas this Christmas…

That’s LESS work for you: MORE delicious meals for your customers!

The development team at Lucas draws upon all the latest food technologies, trends and best practices to produce a huge range of ready-blended, complete mixes that are not only ready to use, they’re easy to use too.  That means that as a butcher, you can confidently pick up a Lucas product to create interesting and exciting oven-ready meals and added value dishes knowing that what you make will be top quality, tasty and liked by your customers.

This security is always important, but when you’re in the thick of the Christmas preparations, it’s a welcome thought that you don’t have any worry about working with Lucas.

To help you even further, our team spends a great deal of time talking to and working with our butchery customers, producing recipes and coming up with new and innovative ways to use our more long-established ingredients.  That way, between us, we keep everything fresh, but always have in mind the importance of speed and simplicity of use. Some of these novel and interesting ideas are featured in our new Christmas Menu.

Take our Christmas sharing platter, for example.  We’ve included a really interesting variety of foods: Mini Kebabs, Pepper Melts, Garlic Mushrooms, Steak Butter Mushrooms, Mexican Melts, Quiche (you can get really clever here), Mini Pasties and Scotch Eggs (again, such a great opportunity for your own signature version).  Rather than selling these items individually (which you can do as well, of course), why not group them together to create something that’s possibly a bit more appealing and special?  And of course, a platter can potentially be sold at a premium and therefore, is brilliant for making extra profits. 

As you know, we have a fantastic choice of Sausage Mixes and Seasonings, which range from the traditional to the more exotic.  How about putting together a Christmas Variety pack, containing a selection of seasonal flavours?  These could be full size, or chipolatas to put with the roast.  We’re thinking you might choose from Butchers Classic Cranberry & Rosemary (can’t get more Christmassy than that), Lemon & Country Herb, Pork & Apple (especially is you’re selling pork joints as a change from turkey), Red Onion & Sage – again a very seasonal flavour) and for good measure, add in your own “exclusive” Hog Roast by combining Pork & Apple with Red Onion & Sage

Also, on our menu, we’ve featured the classics such as Pork Pies (for which we provide mixes for all the key elements: seasoning, gelatine and pastry glaze), but with a twist.  Pear & Stilton is just perfect for a celebration and for something a bit different, you could consider making a Ploughman’s Pork Pie

At Christmas, you absolutely must offer bacon, hams and gammons.  Whether you prefer a wet, or dry cure, we have the right mix for you to achieve a delicious and consistent flavour and texture. But these products don’t have to be completely traditional:  Black Treacle bacon is delicious and your pastrami will be perfect if you stick with Lucas.

These are just a few ideas and there are plenty MORE where these came from that will surely mean you’ll be able to spend LESS time on prep and more time being creative and pleasing your customers!

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