Butchers Benefit with Butchers Classic

It’s well known that people began to shop locally during the Pandemic and it’s reported that the trend looks set to continue as customers recognise the benefits of dealing with smaller, often friendlier and more knowledgeable retailers. They see that there is extra value in buying from someone who is an integral part of the community and that more often than not, they will find competitive prices and plenty of choice.

This certainly applies to local retail butchers like you, who have seen huge increases in business during these tough times. 

It will become increasingly important to keep these customers interested and to offer them products that are appealing in the short and long term. Building on the loyalty that has been established will be key in ensuring that business gains are retained well into the future.

The Lucas Butchers Classic selection of sausage and burger mixes can form a central part in your strategy to retain customers. Quality, variety, consistency, reliability and great value for money are all embodied in the range, coupled with the support and back up of the Lucas team of experts. 

Right now, there are 5 varieties of Butchers Classic burger mix and at any one time, there are 20 flavours of Butchers Classic sausage mix available. The range is refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that you have a choice of reliable staples and more exotic flavours that will lend extra appeal for customers. Lucas’s parent, Kerry, has reach across the world and is constantly reviewing markets to gain insight and knowledge into emerging taste profiles, with the local team creating recipes and testing products that will be enjoyed by UK customers specifically. This brings to butchers the rare combination of international and truly local support.

So, if you’re looking to serve your customers the best you can this year, have a look at the Butchers Classic range and you’ll be making a great start at getting potential new business and further establishing the gains you’ve made in the past.

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