Katsu – It’s NEW!

KATSU: Bless you!  No – it’s not a different way of sneezing, it’s a fantastic flavour profile from Japan!

If you haven’t come across “Katsu” yet, you certainly will before too long.  This savoury crunchy crispy coating has featured in Japanese cuisine for generations.  It’s similar in form to what is perhaps a bit more familiar – the German schnitzel. 

Katsu is most usually served with a distinctive smooth curry sauce and over time, it’s this combination that has become known across Japan and now to us in the West as “Katsu Curry”. 

Taking both those elements into account, the development team at Lucas has come up with two fantastic new products featuring “Katsu”. 

Butchers Classic Katsu Curry Sausage Mix

Drawing from the flavours in Katsu sauce, this Butchers Classic sausage mix is bursting with traditional curry flavours of cumin, ginger and garlic.  These are blended with turmeric and rubbed parsley to make them really attractive on the counter.


Easicoat Katsu Curry Coater

The crunchy texture of this delicious Coater reveals the aromatic flavours of cumin, ginger, curry, onion, garlic, combined with sweet notes of coconut, sugar and honey. It’s a wonderfully complex flavour combination that’s really tasty.  Even better – it looks good too!

Launched just a few weeks ago, the Easicoat Katsu Curry Coater is already proving very popular with customers and we’re confident that the brand new Butchers Classic Katsu Curry Sausage Mix will do equally well.

So, once again, Lucas is providing our customers with the opportunity to compete with the “big boys”: It’s an opportunity not to be sneezed at!

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