With thanks from the team at Lucas…

It’s certainly been a very tough year for everyone, but we wanted to take this opportunity to say a special thanks to all our customers in the butchery trade, who have made an amazing contribution throughout 2020.

You’ve been there for your customers: starting delivery services, calling on the lonely and vulnerable, creating new and interesting foods to enjoy at home, keeping everyone going and wherever possible, taking care of your communities.  

That’s no small achievement and if any good has come out of this crisis, it’s the fact that local butchers are once again being recognised as a vital and integral part of the society in which you work.  You’ve gone above and beyond expectations and have thrived as a result. 

It’s absolutely brilliant to see the butchery business growing and expanding and receiving the support and attention you all deserve as participants. 

It remains only for us to say “well done” and “thank you”.  We’re proud to be associated with the industry that has contributed so much to keeping the country on its feet.  

Here’s to a return to normality in 2021!

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