Customers Making Lifestyle Choices? Be Accommodating!

Let’s face it, the trend for healthier eating isn’t really a trend anymore; it’s a daily lifestyle choice for a growing number of people. And that can be tricky for a butcher to work around – especially when customers are looking for so many different options and have so many different needs. However, all is not lost: In fact, far from it, as there may be more opportunities for you to offer those customers a choice than you might have thought.

Now we’re not saying that the average butcher can compete with the big high street supermarkets by offering dozens of different lifestyle options, but certainly you can offer a few and that could be key to you achieving more sales (and better still, not losing sales), as customers don’t need to go elsewhere to satisfy their requirements – they can come to you!

For instance: Chicken Sausages are one of the biggest growth areas for meat retailers at the moment. They’re appearing everywhere on menus throughout the land and in the supermarkets. Right now, few of you butchers sell chicken sausages and that has to change if you’re to keep up with the market. Thankfully, that change is now much easier with the introduction of Lucas’ new Gluten Free Chicken Sausage Mix – and yes – you read that right – it’s gluten free too, so you can satisfy two needs in one sausage! Even better, these sausages are really tasty and can, if you wish, be sold as a premium line. This is the sausage that just keeps on giving!

We’re not suggesting that you stop there, though. Why not introduce a range of chicken sausages, burgers and grillsticks, with a choice of flavours? The development team at Lucas has produced a brilliant Meat Selection Chart that shows very clearly which of our mixes will work with poultry (as well as other meats, but here our focus is on “healthy”). For example, the new Lucas Butchers Classic Tikka Sausage Mix is fantastic with chicken, as is the new Lucas Thai Sausage Mix.  Smokehouse Smokey Paprika chicken sausages are delicious, as are Butchers Classic Sweet Chilli and Butchers Classic Piri Piri chicken sausages. You can use Lucas Meatball Binder with chicken and many of our burger mixes work really well with chicken too. Imagine a spicy Smokehouse Tennessee Burger, or a Smokehouse Louisiana Burger made with chicken – super-tasty and super-easy to make too. And if you don’t want to go so far as offering Gluten Free, there’s a standard Chicken Sausage mix in our range too.

So, I guess what we’re saying is: Don’t “chicken out” of this great opportunity for growth – put the “chicken out” on your counter instead!

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