Smokey Paprika Sausage Pasta

Using Lucas Tomato Sauce Mix – 20053030 and Lucas Smokey Paprika Sausage Mix 20468023

Product make up:

Product Name
Lucas Smokey Paprika Sausage Mix 20468023
Lucas Tomato sauce mix 500g
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(makes 2 trays – Scale up accordingly)


Tomato Sauce – 500g  (90g Tomato Sauce Mix and 410g Cold Water ) (250g per tray)

3 x Lucas Smokey Paprika Sausages – cooked and sliced (see product recipe for makeup A183)

Sliced Red Peppers – 50g

1 x Tin of Mixed Salad Beans

Farfelle Pasta – 200g (Partially cooked) (or your own choice of pasta)

Parmesan/Fresh basil (if desired for decoration)


  1. Make up the sausages as per product recipe A183. Then cook, slice and allow to cool.
  2. Make up the Tomato Sauce. Add the tomato sauce mix to a bowl, along with the cold water. Then whisk thoroughly.
  3. Then add to your tomato sauce the sliced cooked sausages, red peppers, tinned beans and pasta. Mix all together. Then place your mixture into ovenable trays.
  4. If desired, garnish the dish with some grated parmesan and chopped fresh basil.

The Smokey Paprika Sausage pasta can be sold as a kitchen ready product, either in foil, cpet or similar ovenable trays

The sauce is freeze stable, so is suitable for making in large batch sizes.

Cooking instructions:

  • Oven cook. Cooking temperature 190ºC
  • During cooking, stir the sauce a couple of times.
  • Cook until piping hot, or an even temperature of 72°C is reached.